Cabin FAQs

1. Q: What does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins have to offer?

A: We build beautiful, custom handcrafted natural log homes and cabins. The Dry-in Package is our specialty.

2. Q: How many years of experience does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins have?

A: The founder and owner has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the handcrafting of beautiful log homes.

3. Q: What is a custom log home?

A: We design every handcrafted log home to meet the needs and desires of each and every client. We can start with our  models, or use the plans of your choice. Custom is just that, not more expensive.

4. Q: What species of trees are used by Rustic Ozark Log Cabins?

A: We use the native yellow pine of Southern Missouri. Yellow pine is widely used in the log home industry.

5. Q: What kind of corner notching does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins use?

A: We use the shrink-fit saddle-notch corner assembly. Our notches get tighter as the log shrinks.

6. Q: Does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins splice logs end-to-end?

A: No. We use full-length trees. We flatten the trees top and bottom for stacking stability and minimal shrinkage. We rotate the big and small ends of the trees to get the true handcrafted beauty of the natural log homes. Here you have the full scribe, western log home appearance without the labor costs.

7. Q: How does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins secure the logs to each other?

A: We at Rustic Ozark Log Cabins glue every row of logs flat on flat to ensure a secure, stable structure. We also use log boss screws where needed over openings and full log gables.

8. Q: Do Rustic Ozark Log Cabins homes settle or shrink?

A: Yes, all logs settle, even kiln-dried logs settle.

9. Q: Are Rustic Ozark Log Cabins logs kiln-dried?

A: No, we use a natural log air-dried. Kiln-dried logs do not accept stains as well as air-dried logs due to the burn effect of the heat used in the drying process.

10. Q: How much do Rustic Ozark Log Cabins logs settle?

A: Our native yellow pine logs move very little. In a door height we get one inch of shrinkage.

11. Q: How does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins allow for the settling factor?

A: We install a spline system of 2×2 angle iron to fasten the window and door units to. This creates a floating system w/ telescopic trim to ensure a tight seal and still allow the logs to settle.

12. Q: What is included in the Dry-In package?

A: We will handcraft each log into your beautiful log home at our mill yard. We will bring the logs to you and set them on your foundation. We will do the complete roof system and install and trim your doors and windows. We also can include the complete chink & stain material package.

13. Q: What do I need done to be ready for my dream log home?

A: The foundation, sub floor, and porch decks need to be installed ready to receive the log shell. The site must be accessible to a semi-tractor and 48’ trailer. If not accessible by the tractor-trailer, other arrangements must be made.

14. Q: What is included in a complete roof system?

A: Our complete roof system includes:

  • 1×6 knotty pine ceilings and soffits.
  • Vapor Barrier.
  • 2×10 (or 2×12) rafters 2’O.C.4. 1×8 2-stage cedar fascia.
  • 2×4 purlins 2’ O.C. (to receive metal).
  • R-3 single-bubble vapor barrier.
  • R-40 cellulose sold-pack insulation (or R-47 in 2×12 rafters).
  • 16” log boss screws in the log purlin and rafter junctions for hurricane ties.
  • Porch roof framing is 2×6 2’ O.C.
  • 40 year metal roofing or the roofing of your choice.
  • Labor to install.

15. Q: What is chinking?

A: Chinking is a caulk-like product that seals all horizontal and corner joints. Chinking stays flexible and stretchable and adheres to both logs to form an air-tight seal that lasts for many years to come.

16. Q: What is the maintenance on chinking?

A: None. There is no maintenance after the first year. In the first year, you may get a few chink splits that can easily be gone over with new.

17. Q: What is the best kind of chink?

A: There are many good chinkings available today. We use Sashco’s Log Jam Chinking.

18. Q: Are all stains equal?

A: No! Never! Always use a deep-penetrating, breathable, non-film building stain on a natural log home. You are better off never staining then using the wrong stain on a natural log cabin or home.

19. Q: What stains does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins recommend?

A: We highly recommend ABR’s oil-based Log-Gevity log stain and stabilizer. This is a non-film builder, breathable, deep-penetrating stain with a nice variety of transparent color shades.

20. Q: Why use Log-Gevity?

A: Most oil bases are not compatible with caulk or chinking. Log-Gevity is very compatible with most sealants. Most all water bases are not as breathable and will build more film than Log- Gevity log stain and stabilizer. Also, water bases darken with age to almost black where Log- Gevity log stain and stabilizer will lighten with age.

21. Q: What is the maintenance on Log-Gevity log stain and stabilizer?

A: This will vary with design. Initially, there is a 2 step process. First is to apply the Log-Gevity log stain and stabilizer. Next is to apply Log-Gevity log finish coat. The finish coat is clear. Log- Gevity stain and finish coat combined is a 7-8 year stain. To refinish, first pressure-wash with a light duty soap, then reapply Log-Gevity log finish coat. If you want more color, apply log stain and stabilizer before finish coat.

22. Q: Should there be an issue to insure a log home?

A: No. A log home has a lot of wood, but because of the mass of wood, it burns very slowly. Log homes that do catch fire can be restored. A log wall between a garage and living area takes hours to burn through, where 5/8” drywall has a rating of 20 minutes. Any insurance company should give you fire insurance. If you have trouble finding a company that will give you log home insurance, please contact us. We can help.

23. Q: How does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins prevent termite infestation?

A: We treat our logs 3 times with Penetreat (a Sashco product). Penetreat is a borate wood preservative that is highly toxic to wood-destroying insects and a fungi-prohibitor, but the treated wood is nontoxic to humans, animals, and birds.

If you have additional questions, please contact Rustic Ozark Log Cabins.

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