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Ask the Missouri Ozarks Log Home Builder

We are a custom natural Log Home Company. We build beautiful Hand-Crafted Log homes and cabins and set them up nationwide. To date, we have Log Homes in over 10 different States, including Missouri, Michigan, Maine, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc. Some of the answers below might seem arrogant. We are not arrogant, we are only passing on 35+ years of experience earned by the owner himself.

Q. #1. Why would I want a Rustic Ozark Log Cabin Home?

A. For Beauty And Integrity. Building a Log Home uses less natural resources. Environmentally Friendly, GO-GREEN GO-LOG. Most of the resources used are renewable, TREES. There is a Greater volume of wood growing today than what is being cut. Last but not least, We are Competitive.

Q. #2. What species of wood does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins use?

A. We use the native Missouri Yellow Pine. This Pine in the Natural full Log does not twist and split (checking) like most other species will. The wood grains are entwined thus holding the log stable.

Q.#3. What type of corner does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins use?

A. We use the Shrink-Fit Full ( 2 side ) Scribe technique, which gives each log a minimum flat top and bottom. This gives your home the natural beauty of full length Logs (No butt joints) of the Full Scribe system with the efficiency and stacking ease of a 2-sided system. Much of the sap wood is removed by flattening the log, thus reducing shrinkage by 50%, as well as reducing labor cost, making your home even more affordable.

Q. #4, How does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins secure the logs to each other?

A. We Glue every row of logs flat on flat to ensure a secure and stable structure. We also use Log Boss screws where needed.

Q. #5. Are Rustic Ozark Log Cabins’ logs kiln dried?

A. No, we use a natural log air dried. Kiln dried logs do not accept stains as well as air dried logs due to the burn effect from the heat used in the kiln drying process.

Q. #6. How much do Rustic Ozark Log Cabins’ logs settle?

A. Our Native Yellow Pine logs move very little. In a door height we get about 1+1/2” of shrinkage.

Q. #7. How does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins allow for the settling factor?

A. We install a spline system of 2×2 angle iron to fasten the window and door units to. This creates a floating system w/ telescopic trim to ensure a tight seal and still allow the logs to settle.

Q. #8. What is the energy efficiency of a Rustic Ozark Log Cabin Home?

A. Our Log Homes exceed the energy efficiency of an R-24. Thermal mass is the secret. Our Standard lag size averages 16 inches at big end. An average dia. of 12 inches. we also have other sizes available.

Q. #9. Does the Rustic Ozark Log Cabin Home need to be chinked?

A. Yes, there are only 2 kinds of log cabins, the ones that are chinked and the ones that will be chinked, (or caulked.) We use Sashco’s Log Jam with a minimal chink bead. There are many color options. You can have no-see blend-in or a Beautiful gray mortar original log cabin look,

Q. #10. What is Chinking?

A. Chinking is a caulk-like product that seals all horizontal and corner joints. Chinking stays flexible and stretchable and adheres to both logs to form an air tight seal that lasts for years to come.

Q. #11. What is the Maintenance on the Chinking?

A. None, That’s Right! We Guarantee our chinking. We come back in 2 years to touch up if there is any chink failure. This stuff is practically indestructible.

Q. #12. How much over-all Maintenance is required?

A. It depends on how much you want! Let me explain. There are 3 things to remember about a Low or No Maintenance, That’s Right, No Maintenance Log Home. 1. design 2. Design 3. DESIGN!!! Our No-maintenance Log Homes have long overhangs and/or lots of porches. Now GET THIS, Stains are, That’s Right, Stains Are your Biggest Maintenance Issue. You are trying to keep your log cabin looking new by staining it. Our Log Cabins do not need to be stained for longevity. Grant it, they will weather, but people nowadays are spending a lot of money to stain their log cabin to an old look.

Q. #13. If I want my Log Home Stained, what stains does Rustic Ozark Log Cabins recommend?

A. We recommend Log-Gevity Stain and Stabilizer. These stains are long lasting 7-8 year stains. For a Natural Log Cabin you must have a deep penetrating, non-film building, breathable stain. Log-Gevity Stains meet these requirements. All logs do move and check some with humidity conditions, so if you have a surface-film building stain it will check with the log. Now you have a crack that water can get into and swell the check shut and trap the moisture in the log under the film and it can not breath to dry out, thus the beginning of decay.

Q. # 14, What is the Maintenance of Log-Gevity stains?

A. This will vary with design. Initially there is a two step process. First is to apply the Log- Gevity stain and stabilizer. Next is to apply the Log-Gevity Finish coat. Log-Gevity stain and finish coat combined is a 7-8 year Stain. To re-coat, first pressure wash with a mild soap then reapply Log-Gevity finish coat.

Q. #15. How are the logs treated for Bugs and Termites and Decay?

A. These Log Homes are more termite resistant then most conventional homes. As soon as the bark is Stripped off we spray them with a borate product and then again every notch and flat gets sprayed in the pre-fit process, then after the logs are all pre-fitted we treat them one more time. We get a full 3/4″+ penetration into our Logs. Borate is an environmentally friendly product that most all harmful insects will not chew on and can not live in. Borate prohibits Mold, Mildew and Fungi thus Stopping Decay.

Q. #16. Should there be an issue to Insure a Log Home?

A. No, A Log Home has a lot of wood, but because of the mass of wood, it burns very slowly. Log homes that do catch fire can be restored after 1+ hours of burning. A log wall (of our log sizes) between a garage is by far a better Fire Wall then 5/8 drywall that rates for 20 min. Any insurance company should give you insurance.

Q. #17. How do I get Started with the building process of a Log Home?

A. Find the plans that you like or contact us for plans of homes we have built. Then we can get you an estimate. Once you know you want us to be your Missouri Log Home builder, we require a $2000 nonrefundable deposit to hold your time schedule. You will need to find a local builder to get the foundation in, decks built, and subfoor on. Then we come and set up the log skeleton. Your local builder will go from there. In Missouri we can be your local log home builder from start to finish. We offer Dry in Packages in some States.

Q. #18. What is the price of a Rustic Ozark Log Cabin?

A. It depends a lot on locality. We can get you the log skeleton only or the Dry-In-Package. The log skeleton for our standard Log structure with a loft runs between $40-$50 per Sq. Ft. set up on your foundation. Plus trucking and local crane service. If you go with 4-9′ log walls only you can get a 30’x40′ for only $22,700.00 Logs Only. 20’x30′ for only $16,200.00. Logs Only.

Q. #19. What is included in the Log Skeleton?

A. Everything is Optional! In general, 9′ Main floor log walls; Log loft floor joists; Full log Gables: Log Roof Purlins 4-5′ O.C; Log Porch Structures; Log Stairway to loft and basement; Log Railings; and Full Log Dormers.

Q. #20. What is included in the Dry in Package?

A. We will handcraft each Log into your Beautiful Log Home at our mill site. We will bring the Logs to you and set them on your foundation, do the complete roof system, install your doors and windows, and Chink and stain inside and out.

Q. # 21. What is included in a complete Roof System?

A. Our Complete Roof System includes: a. 1x 8 knotty pine ceilings and soffits, b. Felt vapor barrier, c. 2×10 or 2×12 rafters 2’O.C. d. 2×6 2’0.C. porch roof framing, e. 2 stage metal fascia, f. 2×4 Purlins 2’ O.C. to receive the metal, g. R-3 single bubble vapor barrier, h. R-40 or R-49 solid-pack cellulose insulation, f. 16” Log-boss screws in the log purlin and rafter junction for hurricane ties, j. 40 Year Metal roofing color of your choice. k. Labor to install.

Q. #22. What does Custom mean?

A. Custom means we build to suit. It does not mean more expensive. We design every handcrafted log home to meet the needs of each and every client. You can start with our models, or we use the plans of your choice.

Q. #23. As a do-it-yourself family or Contractor, can we set the Logs ourselves?

A. Yes, But it could be advisable to have a company Rep. on site to get you started right and save you crane time.

Q. #24. How is R- Value figured in logs?

A. R- Value in Logs is figured in Energy Efficiency of Thermal Mass

LEER = Log Energy Efficiency Rating

LEER for most soft wood Species exceeds these efficiency ratings (Hardwoods are less).
This is average Dia. of a Natural Log.
Example: 50° log with a 14” Butt and a 10″ Top = 12” Average.

6” Dia. Log = 6 x 1.5 LEER = the equivalent of R-9 efficiency
8” Dia. Log= 8 x 1.6 LEER = the equivalent of R-12.8 efficiency
10″ Dia. Log= 10 x 1.8 LEER = the equivalent of R-16 efficiency
12” Dia. Log= 12 x 2 LEER = the equivalent of R-24 efficiency
14” Dia. Log= 14 x 2.2 LEER = the equivalent of R-30.8 efficiency |
16” Dia. Log= 16 x 2.4 LEER = the equivalent of R-38.4 efficiency
18” Dia. Log= 18 x 2.6 LEER = the equivalent cf R-46.8 efficiency

We Can Be Your Missouri Log Home Builder

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