Rustic Ozark Log Cabins has been in business and serving the industry for over 35 years as one of Missouri’s most trusted log home builders.

I got my start in log homes playing with the Lincoln Logs set my grandparents gave me at Christmas when I was six years old.  Then, in 1983, my Daddy moved the family to Montana.  And there at twelve years old, through summer vacation, I started working for the same log home company my Dad was working for.  My job was to hand peel the lodge pole pine logs before they were strategically placed into each new log home.

In 1987, Daddy moved us to Michigan where we started hand selecting the native red pine for beautiful natural log homes.

In February of 2011, as the Lord would have it, I now being a Daddy, moved the family to the beautiful hills of the Missouri Ozarks.  I started noticing the abundance of Missouri native yellow pine, very similar wood as the red pine.  Yellow pine is a very suitable wood for a beautiful all natural log home or the log mansion you so were dreaming about.

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Sample Log Kit Prices

24′ x 32′ – 4 outside 9′ walls = Call for Pricing


  • Windows and doors cut to size and splined ready for your jams.
  • Four outside walls are all you need for a ranch style cabin. Just put roof trusses on top like any other construction.
  • 24′ x 32′ with 1/2 Loft and Cathedral Ceilings and 6′ x 32′ Porch

The log work you need is:

  • 4 outside walls
  • 2 – 12/12 24′ Gables
  • 5 – 40′ Log Roof Purlins
  • Loft Log Floor Joist System
  • 6′ x 32′ Porch Posts & Beam for Roof
  • Log Stairway to Lofts
  • 3″ Railing System for Loft and Porch 78′ x ?

Log Kit Prices Include:

1) Windows and doors cut to size and splined to receive your window and door jams.

2) We set up the Log Kit on your foundation and subfloor.

Price does not include trucking however we have great connections for nation wide transport and will be happy to work with you on this.  Call or Email for other prices.

 No Job is Too Small, Too Big or Too Far!

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