When Rustic Ozark Log Cabins Partnered With Castlewood Studios

The story of Rustic Ozarks Log Cabins is, perhaps, a bit ironic. The owner, a man named Norman, is deeply spiritual, a traditional craftsmen who believes in hard work, honesty, humbleness, and loving God. The ironic bit is, he’s also something of a rock-star (though you’d never know it from how he acts). He’s been featured on TV, written up by National Geographic, and fields frequent requests from various producers across the country begging him to make television shows about his business and his life.
But Norman doesn’t care about the limelight. He cares about his family and his community, and instead of seeking fame and fortune, he just keeps on doing what he does best– making beautiful and long-lasting log homes for all sorts of budgets and intended uses.

If you have any doubt about his skills or credentials, I urge you to check out the pictures on his site (again), or ask for the plans and prices for any one of his turn-key log homes. If you like log buildings at all, I promise you’ll be wanting one built for you just as much as all the other people that have chosen Rustic Ozark Log Cabins over the years.

How Castlewood Helped Rustic Ozark Log Cabins

Everyone at Castlewood has a great deal of fondness and respect for this unassuming man, his wife, and his adorable children. Whenever we talk about the personal relationships with our clients we’ve been blessed with, he and his family immediately come to mind. We’re grateful he chose us to build and maintain his website, but if truth be told, we were a bit surprised when he first approached us– after all, he’s a traditional craftsman through and through, and doesn’t have much to do with technology.
Yet even if he doesn’t care for cell phones and emails, he does recognize how valuable a business website can be. From the beginning he had a clear idea of the type of website he was after– nothing too flashy, nothing insincere; just something that showcased what he and his crew could accomplish with a few pine trees and a whole lot of hard work and attention to detail.

When you have over 18 years of experience in the web design industry like Castlewood does, you find that some websites are easier to make than others–some products are naturally more popular than others, and some services just have a greater overall demand. When Norman began sending us images of the log homes he’d built, we immediately suspected his website would be one that sees a great deal of traffic and brings in lots of jobs for its owner.

Turns out, we were right. Years later, Rustic Ozarks Log Cabins’ website has proven to be very successful, mostly due to the great job it does at communicating what Norman offers, the level of personal service he provides, and the craftsmanship he and his team put into each log home or building they create. Of course, it is his pictures, his personal service, and his reputation for being the best around that are mostly responsible for his website’s success, though we did put in behind-the-scenes optimizations to speed things up, increase security, help it rank well, and ensure that it displayed properly on any number of different devices.

Maybe you, like Norman, have a product or service that almost sells itself. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you need a little (or a lot) of help when it comes to designing/running a website, or planning and performing online marketing. Maybe you want friendlier customer service than what you’ll get from soulless large corporations, or better support than what some part-time hobbyist can provide. Maybe you want to work with people that actually care about seeing your website, and your business, succeed.

If so, then Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help with all of your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs.

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